Patient Comments

An informed family is key on the road to patient recovery

My husband has been fortunate over the years to have Dr. Fisher as his heart specialist. From the moment we enter his office (where his staff is always friendly, efficient and helpful), to his private consultations, Dr. Fisher is compassionate and always ready to address any concerns. He has been essential in keeping my husband in the best health possible. We have every confidence in Dr. Fisher. His immediate testing and actions when my husband had difficulty breathing two years ago helped save his life. Half of [my husband’s] heart was beating only every other beat and Dr. Fisher made arrangements for him to have a pacemaker implanted that very day. We will always be grateful to him.

Chicago, IL

Caring for the patient involves a lot more than just patient care

Dear Dr. Tenzer:

Thank you to you and your staff for the gentle, thoughtful care you gave [our father] the past 20 years. He was lucky enough to stay on with your service after our mother died 20 years ago this spring. You understood his humor, recognized his way of coping, and managed his medical care with his long term wishes in mind. He had a good, long life! It was a life well lived.

Thank you!

P.C.& Family
Manhato, MN

Compassionate, unparalleled care is our number one priority.

The staff at North Shore is always pleasant, accommodating and willing to help.

Dr. Tenzer is one of the doctors that I have confidence in. He is always willing to listen, never rushes you out of his office, finds the time to spend and answer any questions you have for him and I believe is sincere with his patient’s and truly cares about how you are feeling. Not many doctors will follow up regarding how your experience was, whether it is from a test that he gave, of if you wanted to ask about another opinion. For Dr. Tenzer there would be no other cardiologist that I would go to, and he is the one I recommend when someone asks me.

Park Ridge, IL

Dr. Sroubek came into our lives one day in December of 2012 when my husband had trouble breathing and went to see Dr. Fisher, his heart doctor. Tests showed [patient’s] heart was not beating properly and a pacemaker was needed immediately. He was admitted to the hospital where Dr. Sroubek performed surgery that day ad implanted a pacemaker – he saved my husband’s life. Thank you, Doctor!

Chicago, IL

Testimony for Dr Sroubek and staff from a Vein patient

My name is Audrey and since 2000 I suffered from a varicose vein condition which left me unable to walk for a dustance, garden, or do daily activities without extreme pain, swelling, and redness.

I came to meet Dr Sroubek, who was recommended by my PCP.

Through my exam and ultrasound, Dr Sroubek assured me, with a handshake and a smile, that he would do everything he could to get my leg back close to normal.

Since October 2009, it has been a lot of worth, but well worth it. It is with all my heart I would like to thank Dr Sroubek and his entire staff for all their professional knowledge and caring. Thanks again for giving me my life back.

Audrey Isaac